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Sights in Rotterdam

The Harbor | Spido Harbor Tours
One of the best known attractions of Rotterdam is it's Harbor. After the IIWW bombing one of the city priority was to rebuilt the Harbor. Between 1962 and 2004 the Harbor from Rotterdam was considered the biggest harbor of the world.
During your visit to Rotterdam you can explore the harbor through the offer of Spido.
Aside from the regular tours, theme tours are also offered and you can combined tickets with other attractions in Rotterdam too.
Over a Spido's Tour you will be thrilled with the beautiful skyline of Rotterdam and you'll also be in contact with a good overview of the life in the harbor.
Website Spido
• The Spido is reachable within 20 minutes walking from the Hotel, and 10 minutes by bike or public tranport.

The Euromast
Another great activity that offers you a beautiful view of Rotterdam is the Euromast.
The Euromast was built in 1960 according to the project of the Dutch architect Huig Aart Maaskant (1907-1977), to mark the occasion of the very first edition of the Floriade, the international flower and garden exhibition, taking place in Rotterdam.
In the 60ths, the Euromast was 112 meters high. Enough to tower above the skyline of Rotterdam. In 1970, the Euromast made an improvement! With the placement of the Euroscoop, the Euromast grew to 185 meters tall and is – to this day – the highest building of the Netherlands containing a lot to offers to its visitors.
Besides from a beautiful overview, you can enjoy a nice meal, have a party and even sleeping near to the stars. There is also rappel and rope sliding activities.
Website Euromast
• The Euromast is reachable within 30 minutes walking from the Hotel, and 20 minutes by bike or public tranport.

The Cubic Houses
Concerning modern architecture of Rotterdam one of its famous examples are The Cube Houses, located in the Blaak. The Cubic Houses were designed by the dutch architect Piet Blom (1934-1999) in the Seventies. Aside from the uniqueness of the asymmetrical design, the cubic houses are meant to represent an abstract forest. According to Blom, the triangular top of each individual house is supposed to represent an abstract tree, which, when connected with its neighbor, becomes a sea of trees in a yellow, manufactured forest.
You can visit one of those innovative houses which is specially open to visitors.
Website Cube Houses
• The Cubic Houses are reachable within 15 minutes walking from the Hotel, and 15 minutes by bike or public tranport.

Erasmus Brigde
Admire the Erasmus Bridge – a striking feat of engineering and a Rotterdam icon, which is also the second largest brigde in the Netherlands. The Erasmus Bridge is a combined cable-stayed and bascule bridge in the centre of Rotterdam, connecting the north and south parts of this city. You can admired and explore the bridge’s surroundings, from futuristic Kop van Zuid to historic Delfshaven.
The 802-metre-long bridge across the New Meuse was designed by the dutch architect Ben van Berkel (1957-) and completed in 1996. 
More information about Erasmus Bridge
• The Erasmusbridge is reachable with subway with only two stops, or it is a 20 minutes walk from the Hotel.

Rotterdam Zoo
The Rotterdam Blijdorp Zoo is one of the oldest Zoos from Europe. The Zoo has been set up in 1855 and was greatly expanded after the bombing during the Second World War. At the moment, there are around 700 animals present in the zoo, all divided in their own stays. The last additions are the tropical butterfly paradise Amazonica and the indoor playground Biotopia.
Website Rotterdam Zoo
• The Rotterdam Zoo is reachable by bus within 20 minutes and by bike in 10 minutes from the Hotel.

The Markthal
A recent building addition to Rotterdam is the enigmatic Markthal, designed by the Rotterdam-based architectural firm MVRDV. The Markthal, which is the first covered market in the Netherlands, is a place where good food and unique housing are harmoniously combined in a spectacular building.
This iconic fresh market opened in 2014, located at Blaak, offering a huge range of restaurants, market stands, houses and shops. Aside from the beautiful modern architecture, you can enjoy a nice meal in one of the restaurants and buy fresh fruits, dutch cheeses, the best wines and a lot more!
Website Markthal
• The Markthal is reachable within 12 minutes walking from the Hotel, just 5 minutes by bike or 10 minutes by public tranport.

The SS Rotterdam & Hotel New York
In 1959 the SS Rotterdam was completed and was ready for its first voyage Atlantic-America. The legendary former flagship of the Holland America Line is 228 meter long, 28 meters wide,
61 metres in height, and it's rich in history and renowned for its cultural and historic value. You can visit this amazing ship in Rotterdam for free!
The SS Rotterdam ship shares its history with the Hotel New York, which can be found at walking distance from the SS Rotterdam.
The Hotel New York is located where the previous head office of the Holland America Line used to be and where, in earlier times, thousands of emigrants and workers left to New York hopping for a better life. At the moment it serves as hotel, a restaurant, and for business rental.
Website SS Rotterdam
• The SS and the Hotel New York are reachable within 20 minutes with the subway or within 40 minutes by walking from the Hotel.

Kinderdijk is a village in the Netherlands, belonging to the municipality of Molenwaard in the province of South Holland. The windmills of Kinderdijk are an important part of the Netherlands history and for that reason are one of the best-known Dutch tourist sites. One of the windmills is open specially for tourist visits.
Website Kinderdijk
• The Kinderdijk is located 15 km away from Rotterdam, you can get there by public transport as well as through various boat trips offered in Rotterdam.

De Kuip
De Kuip, known as the Feijenoord Stadium, was opened in 1937 as the football stadium for Feyenoord home matches.The stadium's capacity is not less than 51,117 and when Feyenoord plays you can imagine a great and unforgettable atmosphere to experience. This is still the primary function of this football game, but now the stadium is much more than that alone.
The Kuip is a stadium where many memorable Europacupfinals and interlands have been played, it is the permanent setting for the KNVB Cup Final and a venue where many concerts took place and where still big (dance) parties take place. In addition, De Kuip has one of the largest conference and event centers in the Rotterdam region, where many successful business and / or private events are held weekly thanks to the wide variety of venues.
Website De Kuip 
• The Feyernoord Stadium is reachable within 20 minutes by bike or public transport from the Hotel.

Historic Delfshaven
This picturesque yacht marina is one of the few parts of the old city that survived the 1940 bombardment of Rotterdam. But that's not the only reason why Delfshaven has a remarkable history. It was also here the departure point from which the Pilgrim Fathers sailed to America, as well as the birthplace of the prominent Dutch maritime hero Piet Hein (1577-1629). The historic canal houses now hold cosy shops selling antiques and bric-a-brac, art studios, gin bars, beer breweries and down-to-earth eateries. Historic Delfshaven has always managed to retain its authentic charm, with the old-school grain mill known as De Destilleerketel as a prominent landmark.
• The Delfshaven area is reachable within 20 minutes by bike or public transport from the Hotel.