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Shopping in Rotterdam

Rotterdam is an amazing city to shop. In just a few minutes walking from the Hotel you can find a range of lively and stimulating shopping streets, big department stores and small boutiques, as well as high-end design or small vintage stores.

Shopping Streets
The Kruiskade, the street where Grand Hotel Central is located, is known for its luxury brand shops, such as Hugo Boss, Robert Boticelli, Thommy Hilfiger, Marccain, Ogger and Michael Kors. Besides the fancy strores, you can also find great restaurants and clubs, a gymnasium and Corso Casino.

Just to 3 minutes walking distance from Kruiskade and the Hotel, there are the areas of the Lijnbaan and the Koopgoot, where you can find a huge amount of well-known internationally stores, like, for instance, the biggest H&M of Europe. Near to the this famous shopping streets, you can also find the Hudson's Bay or the Beijenkorf, both big shopping centers. 

Shopping Malls
As said above, you can shop in the Hudson's Bay or in the Beijenkorf, right in the heart of Rotterdam, but you can also discover the Alexandrium, which is a renowned shopping center in the city. The mall consists of three combined parts, Alexandrium Shopping center, Alexandrium Megastores and Alexandrium Wooncentre.
Another covered mall with a wide range of shops is the Zuidplein, and it has a garage as well.

Street Markets
In Rotterdam there are many regional fairs and street markets throughout the year. 
Close to the Blaak you can find the famous Markthal. In this beautiful and modern covered market you can discover and buy a very tasty meal, but also a variety of world food specialties, local products, dutch cheese, fresh fruits and pleasant wines. Besides discovering all the world' cuisine, you can admire the beautiful building which has already received several awards recognizing its stunning appearance and modern architecture. Inside the Markthal there are colored panels beautifully lighted in the evening.

Outside the Markthal, two days a week, a street market is organized. This street market is the oldest in Europe with almost two and a half miles. There is a wide range of food fromof the city's multicultural community, but you can also buy clothes, accessories for cell phones, fabrics, flowers and plants. The Blaak market is held every Tuesday and Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

The second biggest market is at the Afrikaanderplein, close to the Kuip, where a great variety of regional products can be found. At this market different cultures are present too. The Afrikaandermarket is held on Wednesday from 8.00-17.30 and on Saturday from 08.00-17.00.