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About Rotterdam ❤

With very good connections offered by Rotterdam Central Station, Rotterdam is a great city to explore and you can find many reasons to do it! Not only is it an enthusiastic city with a rich and fascinating history, but it also has many museums and art galleries, and, as a modern international city, is full of dynamic artists and designers, creative architects and an eccentric nightlife.

Rotterdam was created as a small fishing village. Around 1270 it was built a dam in the Route, which caused the quickly city growth, turning it into a trade village. In 1340 Rotterdam received city rights, and during the Sixteenth and the Seventeenth Century the city was contained inside the city walls. In 1872, after the construction of the New Waterway, the city expanded outside of its city walls. Due to the harbor of Rotterdam, the city became the industrial heart of Europe. The harbor provided for labor and it drew other nations to Rotterdam.
In the Twentieth Century, during the Second World War, Rotterdam was almost entirely bombed. A large part of Rotterdam was severely damaged, however the rebuild of the city started right away as well and it was decided to give Rotterdam a new futuristic and modern view, instead of just rebuilding the old city. This new constructions provided the modern architecture and the beautiful skyline that can be found nowadays in the city.
The city also experienced a period of prosperity attracting a lot of immigrants who traveled to Rotterdam. And that's one of the reasons which has made Rotterdam the loving and multicultural city that it is today.

The Harbor of Rotterdam is one of the biggest harbors of the world, which is why Rotterdam is also knew as the World Port City. As we mentioned above, the modern architecture is very characteristic in the city, but you can also discover a large range of restaurants, clubs and cultural institutions, as well as participate in a lot of festivals, art fairs, music concerts and sporty events.