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Le Grand Restaurant & Club

Rotterdam has a great new hotspot!

On Thursday 19th October 2017, Le Grand Restaurant & Club opened its doors in the heart of Rotterdam. Le Grand is the new restaurant in Grand Hotel Central which celebrates its 100th Anniversary last year!
The hotel's former breakfast room has been transformed into an elegant restaurant and club. The antique and beautiful elements, inspired by the Twenties, were restored and are now displayed in their old glory. The concept and decoration are inspired by similar clubs and restaurants in New York back in those decades. That's the reason why Le Grand has a classic and unique décor that matches with the 20's appearance of the entire Grand Hotel Central.

Though the new hall, the hotel's guests can continue to have a delicious breakfast, but now the room will also serve as a lunch room and restaurant. The traditional dinner menu consists of world class classics meals, such as a French onion soup and a classic steak tartar.
Currently, the Le Grand Restaurant is only used for breakfast and can be reserved for dinner. The restaurant is open on Thursday to Saturday from 18:00 to 22:00h.

At Weekends, Le Grand organizes club nights, where the restaurant will turn into a club from 22:00 hour. You can enjoy a traditional cocktail or a trendy mixer at the central bar. There are also performances by famous DJs, as well as new artists, and live performers too.

For reservations, please call 010-5300200 or e-mail to info@legrandrotterdam.nl
For more information, visit the Le Grand Website and Facebook.

Menu Le Grand Restaurant